Cross cluster in Kibana

Hi, I've got a use case where I've got multiple client clusters (aliased c1 and c2), and I want to be able to look at them from a central coordinating cluster, see data from any/all of them, do visualizations, etc. I'm running ES 5.4.0 with Kibana 5.4.0, and I'm not able to define an index name pattern that lets me hit remote clusters at all - let alone multiple remote clusters at once.
Specifically, I want to be able to create an index name pattern like "c*:.logstash-*" to see all logstash indexes from clusters c1 and c2.
Is this supported? Is there some trick to it?


Cross cluster search in Kibana is currently being worked on. If you are on GitHub, you can follow its progress and discussion at


Thanks! I'll keep a watch on that.

Do you know if there is any timeline for any basic functionality?

I have a demo environment where Kibana works with tribe in a clunky way,
but it works (5.1.x) - it seems to have been explicitly disabled from
working in Kibana 5.4.x. That's unfortunate as I now have no way to demo
with current version software and the multi cluster fused view we were
looking for.

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