Cross Cluster - Index Pattern Issue

I have used cross-clustering in order to display data from multiple Elasticsearch instances on one Kibana. The indices thus formed are of the type <cluster-names>:<pattern>. I wish to create only one index pattern for a particular pattern. For instance, all indices of the form cluster_one:pattern-* or cluster_two:pattern-* should be under one index pattern. Is this possible?

P.S.- The solution given in says that cluster_one:pattern-*,cluster_two:pattern-* should work. However, this does not seem to be working. Also, cluster_one is the local cluster and cluster_two is a remote cluster.

Thanks :tiger:

Looks like that's a bug in our docs. It is supported in 6.3+, but not 6.2.


Thanks @lukas
Is there an alternate way to solve this issue on 6.2?


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