CSV Export with Basic License


I noticed that the Basic License includes CSV Export. Without X-Pack installed I cannot see where the CSV Export Button is. There is no "Reporting" section on saved searches. I am using Kibana version 6.2.4.

So how do you export a saved search to CSV without X-Pack enabled?

Thank you

CSV export is available with an X-Pack basic license. This means you need X-Pack.

Ouh okay thank you. The registering page was a bit hidden. Since I could not really figure this out: Could you tell me wether this License and its features can be used for commercial products of our company?

That depends I guess. You would read the terms of the license and our EULA.

You don't have to download xpack I've tested on version 6.3 and it works fine for me without xpack enabled

Go to the discovery and you will see the reporting button on top or upgrade your Kibana

It is included since version 6.3. Before you had to obtain a Basic License.

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