Curator and Elasticsearch 7.0


Hi there,

I've just installed Curator 5.6 and nothing seems to be working, I've checked /opt/elasticsearch-curator and /usr/bin/curator and thcurator and curator_cli files are present, but even running just

curator --help

Doesn't give me any help options.
Is Curator 5.6 compatible with Elasticsearch 7.0 as I'm running on 7.0
Only mentions up to version 6.x
If it's not supported, whats the best way to manage backups and retention of data?

Any pointers?


(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

You can install the master branch, which supports 7.0, otherwise you'll have to wait a bit longer before official support is released. See here for more information.

Curator and elasticsearch 7.0.0

Thanks Aaron, got it working now after installing the master branch using pip install as opposed to yum.