Curator for Elasticsearch 7.0

I use Curator 5.6 to keep my logs under control size wise, which for the past year or so has worked wonderfully. Last week, I updated to version 7.0 of the Elastic stack. This morning I notice that my data is significantly larger than it is most Mondays, as if the usual purge didn't run on weekends. Sure enough, I see this error in my curator log:

2019-04-22 03:31:05,730 ERROR Elasticsearch version 7.0.0 incompatible with this version of Curator (5.6.0)

So, shame on me for upgrading before making sure that this utility would work as expected. Totally my bad for that aspect. However, before I go into panic mode about losing a week's worth of data even if I go back to the pre-upgrade backup, are there plans to release and updated Curator any time soon? Is there another similar tool I can pivot to instead or even in the meantime? Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions!

I am very near to releasing Curator 5.7, with support for Elasticsearch 7.0. The delays have centered around my wife having undergone surgery last week. If you are comfortable installing the master branch from via pip, then you can install a working version right now.

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Also, if you have at least a Basic license, you really should look into using the new Index Lifecycle Management utility in place of Curator, if it does everything you need.

Thanks for the update! I have enough space to allow it to expand for a little while, so I'll wait another week or two before going the github route. (Per company policy, I'll wait for released versions when possible.) I hope your wife is recovering well and I must say you have good priorities to set family first. :wink:

Curator 5.7 is out, with full support for Elasticsearch 7.0

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What can curator do what ILS can't do ist the right question I think :smiley:

That’s too broad a question to answer in this topic. I suggest reading the Curator docs and the ILM docs to see for yourself.

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