Curator does not work correctly

(Imad Bouchakour) #1

I have curator 5.5.4 installed in my debian 9, sometimes curator works when i execute a command like curator --version or curator --help, but most of the time curator does not work and the command gives nothing

Why ??

(Matija Bruncic) #2

I have never used curator but try to add more logs to your output. Maybe some of the flags can help you:

--loglevel TEXT Log level

--verbose Show verbose output.


(Imad Bouchakour) #3

that gave me nothing, it like the command doesn't exécute


  1. HP@debian9:~$ curator --help
  2. HP@debian9:~$ curator --version

(Saifeddine Hmissi) #4

hum ..? the ssl is enables in ur cluster and u try to disable ssl verification in ur curator config file ?

(Aaron Mildenstein) #5

You're probably getting bit by this issue, which is that improperly formatted YAML files results in no output. A fix has been merged, but an updated version hasn't been released yet (should be sometime in the next 5 or 6 days).

In the meantime, if you double-check your YAML formatting, or even paste it here (without sensitive data like passwords or host names), we can probably figure out why you aren't seeing output and get things working.

To ensure we see it formatted correctly, please paste it between triple back-ticks, like this:


(Aaron Mildenstein) #6

Are you sure you installed the Debian 9 version, and not the Debian 8 version? See here

(Imad Bouchakour) #7

yes i have deb [arch=amd64] stable main in my curator.list

and my config curator.yml

    -  localhost
  port: 9200
  use_ssl: False
  ssl_no_validate: False
  timeout: 30
  master_only: False

  loglevel: DEBUG
  logformat: default
  blacklist: ['elasticsearch', 'urllib3']

(Aaron Mildenstein) #8

Something else is going on, then. If you get no output from even the version command, there’s something else in play.

(Imad Bouchakour) #9

yes I do not know why, sometimes it works and most of the time it does not work

(Aaron Mildenstein) #10

If that's the case, it's not Curator's fault. This sounds like something else entirely, and I can't explain why without a whole lot more information. I have heard of things like this going on in some versions of RHEL/CentOS 7. Perhaps install via pip and see if that behaves differently?

(Imad Bouchakour) #11

i did it and it work with pip instalation.

(system) #12

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