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I have a system here that used to have a pip-installed Curator running on it.

Since pip-uninstalling the old version and installing Curator 5.5.4 from the Elastic apt repo, I can't get it to do anything.

Running /usr/bin/curator from the cmdline with no arguments just exits after a second or two. Nothing is logged - in fact it seems to be ignoring curator.yml because it doesn't matter if it's present or not. There is no cmdline output - not even the warning that action_file is missing, which you'd expect when starting it with no args.

I have a similar machine running the same version of Ubuntu server and has the same version of Curator installed, and that one is fine. I really can't see any difference between the two, but I suspect some version of some library has been left over from the pip installed version.

I've tried to strace both processes and diff the results, but I really can't see anything obvious (although there are differences).

I've spent ages on this and have no idea where to look from here. Help please?

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I literally cannot replicate this:

It does seem tied to RHEL/CentOS. Please help train age the issue in the GitHub issue.


I've updated the issue, but note this is Ubuntu, not CentOS in my case.

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I've never had that happen in Ubuntu. Which version are you using?



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Are you certain you didn't accidentally install the Debian 9 version of the package?


deb stable main

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