Custom rally docker image


I am extending rally docker image. getting permission denied issue.
for COPY or RUN


RUN mkfifo /logs ---> permission denied. I am new to esrally kindly help

Hello! Thanks for using Rally :slight_smile:

You may want to see our release Dockerfile (here). You can see there we use the USER directive to set the USER to 1000 (rally user) at the end of the file. If you're extending the image you may need to use an initial USER root directive to get through permissions issues, then go back with a USER 1000. Note also (as you can see in the Dockerfile) that COPY might require --chown=1000:0 argument if you need the rally user to have access.

Note that what you're asking isn't really an esrally issue per se, our ability to help further might be limited

Rick B

Thankyou RickByod for the reference.

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