Custom Threshold Rule - Email Body

I created an alert and the alert works as expected.

I have been asked to provide more customization inside the email body.
Currently the default email body are:


{{}} is active.

[View alert details]({{context.alertDetailsUrl}})


I want to break up the reason to be more custom like
Desired Email Body:
Due to duration of {{for_last}} minutes, The {{group}} was in a state of {{condition}}

Desired Output:

Due to duration of 5 minutes, The "Offline Files" was in a state of "Stopped"

Is there a way to break up {{context.reason}}?

What I do is just print {{.}} for debug.
that will print everything and then I just piece together what I want... but no there is not facility as far as I know to pull apart the string in each field.

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Thanks! @stephenb

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