Unable to format rule/alert in Kibana

I'm using a email connector for action in our rule and I'm unable to format the alert mail body. This is creating very clumsy mail being sent which is not at all appealing to the customer.

How to format the alert properly with new lines, line breaks, spaces inside a loop that goes like {{#context.hits}} {{_source.field}}{{/context.hits}}.
Need to create new kines in the above loop to check for the given field.
Also need to bold few characters in the alert body.

Mail body supports markdown format so you can add links, bullet lists and so on.

To check this out, I added a bold link on a Synthetics mail alert rule

And provoked an alert that was sent with the full proper format

Are you using any markdown formatting in your text body? Which version of the stack are you running?

Hi @jsanz ,

Currently we are able to setup the alert rule with action variables. But here we are trying to add the action variable to iterate the array and give all the trace details line by line.

we are getting APM trace data. Here sometimes we can multiple trace failures that time we need to send an email notification along with all trace ID's and its error details.

Due to current dependency with action variables when we are trying to iterate via action variables we are not getting multiple trace errors with proper format if we use below one.

{{#context.hits}} {{_source.field}}{{/context.hits}}.

So , we are looking some solution to help us to provide all the trace ID's which can iterate and show all the information along with trace ID URL

Sorry I'm not familiar with APM alerting rules, I would suggest to open a new thread in the APM forum