Custom Time Zone Error

I keep getting the following error:
does not support custom time zones

[illegal_argument_exception] Field [EntryDateTime] of type [text] does not support custom time zones

How should I format my dates/times?

This is the data I have:

212326,Doe,John,PG10,2018-18-05 00:00:00.0,2018-18-05 09:45:00.0,2018-18-05 11:19:00.0
214633,Doe,Jane,PG10,2018-18-05 00:00:00.0,2018-18-05 08:40:00.0,2018-18-05 11:19:00.0

What does your index mapping look like for this data set? It looks like your date/time fields are being treated as text as opposed to date fields. Try separating the date/time with an uppercase "T" instead of a space, and see if that helps.

So 2018-18-05 11:19:00.0 becomes 2018-18-05T11:19:00.0

I just set the mapping:

PUT tracking/_mapping/doc
  "properties": {
    "EntryDateTime": { 
      "type":     "date"
     "ExitDateTime": { 
      "type":     "date"
    "EventDate": { 
      "type":     "date"

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