Custom vector maps with accents

Hello everyone,

I was able to configure my custom vector map with Brazilian cities.
I have an index that one of the fields is the city and I was able to make a join between the index field and the custom vector map.
But it didn't work for cities that have accents.

In my index has the city "Belem" and in the custom vector maps has the city "Belém"

How do I do to the join work with accented words?

Hi @Alder

how exactly do you join the data? Could you provide your code and a few sample documents?

I am using the "custom vectror shapes" of the "maps" feature. I attached an image with join. Cities that do not have accents are ok.
The custom vector shape was built based on the file br_muns.geojson from the link below:

Hi @Alder,

The term-join uses an exact string match, and the city-name with an accent and the city-name without are different. This is why this is failing.

I would consider following work-arounds:

Hi @thomasneirynck,

Thanks for the quick response and help.

I have normalized both my index and the file br_muns.geojson with the code below and I think it will work now.

public static String removerAcentos(String str) {
return Normalizer.normalize(str, Normalizer.Form.NFD).replaceAll("[^\p{ASCII}]", "");

Thanks everyone from elasticteam.

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