Customize kibana visualize and dashboard

(Abu Sayeed) #1

Kibana, Elasticsearch and Logstash version 5.5.1

I create a verticat bar visualize . its works well. its show @timestamp per 5 minutes. How can I change @timestamp per 10 minute?

  1. my another data table visualize. its like:

Filters Filters count
Fail pc1 5
Sent pc1 3

But I wish data table visualize like this:

client sent fail
pc1 5 3
pc2 10 2

How can I do it? Please help me any expert.


(Jim Unger) #2
  1. Set custom interval

  2. What do your documents and your mapping look like?

(Abu Sayeed) #3

I need data table dashboard like the following attachment. First one is my current Graph.
But I wish like last one.



(system) #4

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