Customize the dashboards page

I'm looking to add a link after the word dashboards, I've tried this in \src\plugins\dashboard\target\public\dashboard.chunk.2.js

tableListTitle: external_kbnSharedDeps_KbnI18n_["i18n"].translate("dashboard.listing.dashboardsTitle", {
                                defaultMessage: "dashboards {documentation}",
                                values: {
                                    documentation: external_kbnSharedDeps_React_default.a.createElement(external_kbnSharedDeps_ElasticEui_["EuiLink"], {
                                        onClick: function onClick() {
                                            return'', '_blank');
                                    }, external_kbnSharedDeps_React_default.a.createElement(external_kbnSharedDeps_KbnI18nReact_["FormattedMessage"], {
                                        defaultMessage: "Documentation"

But I got this, I don't think I'm doing it the right way
If anyone can put me on the right way