Customize which tab of kibana can be shown

As the title, I need to give my client access to kibana but he cannot see any tabs on the left instead of discover and dashboard, I can't find any article/doc that can help to this level of customization , any support please

Security can be used to restrict access to the data that drives the visualizations in Kibana, but it can't be used to control the features in Kibana. Not yet at least, it's something that's being worked on though.

If you need to just share a Dashboard, or a table from Discover, you could do so with an iframe embedded in your own web view. This will hide the entirety of the Kibana interface and only expose the resulting data. You may need to add a proxy in there to handle the auth part transparently, and set it up with an account that has read-only access. Aside from that, I can't think of other ways to restrict access to parts of Kibana.

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thanks bro

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