Dashboard as pdf which is scheduled in Advanced watcher alert showing incomplete visuals

Hi Team,

I have created an Advanced watcher alert in which a dashboard will be shared as pdf to the mentioned email id's.

As my dashboard contains too many visuals and the index pattern used for dashboard holds large volume of data, my dashboard is coming with incompleted visuals in the pdf.

Is there a way that I can schedule the dashboards, to be shared as pdf in watcher. The dashboard should load the visuals completed before going in the mail as pdf.

My code:


"EMail": {
  "email": {
    "profile": "standard",
    "attachments": {
      "test.pdf": {
        "reporting": {
          "url": "Not shared the URL",
          "retries": 40,
          "interval": "60s",
          "auth": {
            "basic": {
              "username": "xxxx",
              "password": "xxxxx"
    "from": "xxxxxxxxx",
    "priority": "high",
    "to": [
    "subject": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "body": {
      "text": """

      Random text


Thanks in Advance

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Hi @Avinash_J , sorry we didn't get to your question. It sounds like the main issue is that your PDF report ends up with incomplete data/visualizations, right?

What version of Kibana are you using?

@tsullivan do you have any input here?