Dashboard control empty

Hi everyone,
I try to add a control component to my dashboard to list and filter on the cluster.name field.
Checked in discover, the field exist and is filled :

I think the control configuration is right :

But the listbox is empty :

On another dashboard, the same control is correctly filled...
Any idea on my issue will be appreciate.
As always, thx for your help.


Hi @Khaled_Saidi, thanks for posting

What version of the Elastic Stack are you using?

Can you con share the definition of that Data View called .monitoring-es-8-mb and ideally also confirm the mapping of the cluster.name field on the indices that are included in that Data View?

Do you see any errors in the browser console?

Hi Jsanz,

The ELK stack version is 8.x
here is the dataview definition :

The cluster.name field is a runtime field, so it does not appears in the index mapping. Perhaps it is not possible to fill a dashboard control with a runtime field content. For information, i added another control "cluster.id", and when this one is selected, cluster name control is filled....

No error in the browser console...

Dashboard Controls accept runtime fields. You can check this easily with the Flights sample dataset by creating a simple runtime field that emits any of the existing fields.

My only remaining idea is whether the runtime field is throwing errors that Kibana is not properly capturing.

I did a test in 8.14.3 with the Flights dataset and a code like yours to define a new test field:

Map carrierMap = [
    "Kibana Airlines": "Kibana",
    "Logstash Airways": "Logstash",
    //"JetBeats": "Beats",
    "ES-Air": "Elasticsearch"];


First, without the comment, I could create a dashboard with the controls that work correctly.

Then, as I described above, I commented on one of the keys to force the field to fail. The control showed an error, not really explaining anything, but an error nonetheless.


Thank you Jsanz,
After several tests, it appears that 3 clusters ids were not setted and "valued" in the runtime field map.
Adding these elements resolve my issue....

Thank you Jsanz;

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