Dashboard text wrapping doesn't work - Visualize table works

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I have a problem with kibana 6.5.4 text wrapping.

When I click on Visualize - xxx table, text wrapping works correctly and puts my string text as follows.

March 4th

Insert same table to dashboard - wrapping seems to be all over the place, typically as follows.

March 4th 201

Is this something wrong with Kibana or just my incompetence and a specific setting that I have missed?

(CJ Cenizal) #2

Hi Chris! Thanks for posting on our forum. From your description, I think you've found a bug. Normally when people report bugs I first try to reproduce them and then create an issue on our GitHub repo to track it. However, I just tried to reproduce what you described but I wasn't able to.

Here's a screenshot of a data table visualization in Kibana 6.5.4.:

Here's the same visualization inside of a dashboard:

In both cases it looks like the text is wrapping on each word, instead of mid-word. Am I missing something? Could you share screenshots to help me repro?


(Chris Sarkkinen) #3

Sorry, I had to sensor most of the text out, although it's in Finnish.

  • All of the dates are wrapped perfectly

  • Newline doesn't start mid sentence

  • Dashboard shows last date number in different line

  • Multiple mid word wrappings

Cheers / Chris

(Chris Sarkkinen) #4

I'm terribly sorry, I had the same table in visualize for export, but also in dashboard as a Search.

  • The problem is that I can't still find my way around problem where I want a table with text that has word wrapping and doesn't have count visible. =/

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