Wrap text in dashboard table

I'm currently on Kibana 7.13.3, and was wondering if it was possible to wrap text in tables made in the dashboard. I've got long text entries, and when visualising them in the dashboard tables, they seem to just truncate as following:


As per another forum post I have tried adding vis_type_table.legacyVisEnabled: true to my kibana.yml file, however this did not seem to work.

Was there anything else that I could try to make the full text appear for each row entry?

Hey @elastic9! This is weird, the vis_type_table.legacyVisEnabled: true should solve the problem. Can you provide some screenshots on how it looks after the kibana.yml setting is applied?

Maybe you use a Lens datatable? Or an aggregaation-based one? The kibana.yml setting works only for the aggregation-based table.

We are working on providing an auto-height option right now for the new datatable. But for now, switching to the old implementation should work.

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