Kibana Table - Cell Text gets truncated

Hi Elastic Gurus,

I have created a table in Kibana Dashboard and some cells have large amount of text.
Is there a text wrap functionality or ability to resize the cell so that we can view the full data without get trimmed.

This is how my panel looks, please advise.


Are you able to click on those lines and see the underlying data? If so you might be able to expand out the given fields.

@Wave Thanks for your response, I could see the data after I expand the columns but I am just wondering if Kibana visualization has a feature to wrap or show full data based on the column width.
Please advise

@stephenb can you help community on this if there is a way to show full text ?

What version of Kibana?

Is that the Lens Table or Legacy Aggregation based Table

The Legacy version of the table has a switch...

Legacy Table

What I found as a workaround is to create the table in the Legacy the click the Edit In Lens ... and it will work

Lens Table

@Stratoula_Kalafateli I could not figure out how to do this directly in Lens

Well DOH!! I figured it out NOW :slight_smile:


I am on 7.16.3 and on open source version, not sure if the options you are showing are available in 7.16.3. As I could not see it.

Assume you mean Basic / Free ... which is fine none of this is commercial license related

Looks like in 7.16.3 you would need to use the Legacy Aggregation-based table, the setting is there... not in Lens Yet.

This is 7.16.3 Aggregation Based Table...

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Thanks @stephenb
Is this capability available in higher version of Lens ?

Yes... What I showed you above is lens.

I'm not sure which version. The difference between 7.16 and 8.7 is substantial.

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