Dashboard with saved search Kibana 6.8.0


I'd saved a "Save search" from the Discover tab with filters on fields including the main filed "Animal: Cat".
there's a Space for each animal (with dashboard only user) and I want that only the specific animal that i filtered in the save search, will display on the dashboard's filters options .

When I display it's visualization at the dashboard in the specific animal space, at filters options it also show the others animals in the category (Animal Is ...... "Cat" "Dog" "Bird" etc.)

although if I choose, let's say Dog, in the Cat space, there is no data to show.
but it's critical that only the Animal that I filtered at the Save Search shown at the filter option.

It's a bug or the option to hide some fields from the user it's unenviable?


Hi Gil,

Sorry nobody responded sooner. Maybe you figured something out already?

If I understand your question correctly, I think you're going to have to save a search in each Space with the animal filter for that space. And a dashboard in each space which includes that saved search for that space. Saved searches, visualizations and dashboards aren't shared across spaces and there's no template capability to use the name of a space to filter.


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