Proposal for Kibana: category view of saved stuff

Hello Community!

1. My colleagues and I had build many Visualizations the last days. We use nameschemes like systemName-performance/capacity-typeOfVisualization for better structuring.
Nevertheless - when we are searching for a saved Visualization or Dashboard we're struggling around with finding what we are searching for, because of the frugal search function.

It would be great if there will be a feature to categorize each graphic, search or dashboard in a upcoming version. Maybe with the help of a folder look.

2. a second thing: Sometimes it is necessary to have more than one large diagram on a dashboard. But we do not want (and can't) see all together on one "page". At this place it would be nice to see hidden drilldowns in future - like such as in Grafana:


3. Another thing is that regex searching for saved objects isn't possible. So if we are searching for "*system1*" and we expect to get "perf-system1-metric" and "cap-system1-metric" we are getting nothing..

Thank you very much in advance

I would suggest opening separate enhancement requests in the Kibana github repo for these items. This forum is intended primarily for people who have specific questions on how to do something, not for requesting new features.

Sorry, my mistake


Regarding your first point about categorizing saved objects -- you'll probably be interested in our upcoming Spaces feature, which allows you to group your saved objects in to meaningful categories:

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No worries @3rik. I think these are all good ideas.

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