Dashboards and Searches not importing using the Saved Objects API

I am using stack version 7.13.4 on Windows

I created a system including Queries, Searches, Dashboards, Visualizations, Index Patterns. I exported these using the Kibana UI creating ndjson files for each category. I can manually re-import these on a new system using the Kibana UI.
But I want to script it and do it unattended. So I have a PS1 script that uses the Invoke-RestMethod to import the ndjson files. Queries, Urls, Index Patterns all work, but Searches, Visualizatoins and Dashboards do not. They used to with Kibana 7.7.1, but not with 7.13.4.
The original ndjson files were created with 7.7.1, so I imported each into 7.13.4 using the Kibana UI, then re-exported them as 7.13.4 files. Still cannot import them with the Rest API.

So, why do Urls, Index Patterns and Queries work, but Searches, Visualizations and Dashboards do not? I do not see anything in the logs or the console indicating a failure reason.


Does this mean your import script works when you use the full ndjson file to import the objects into a 7.7 cluster?

Can you check again if there are any error logs that came from the saved objects service printed to the kibana server logs when there is a failure to import all the objects?

Yeah, weird, huh?
I'll check the Kibana logs again next time I do the install.


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