Data in Dashboard Kibana


I currently have a graylog server on which I installed kibana to better visualize the data

I would like to create a dashboard on which we could see the users who make the most AD connection errors

As you can see in the picture below, I managed to display the total of failed connections. However what I want is several lines that would correspond to each user (at least those that make the most connection errors)

Thank you

In the buckets section you need to add a another bucket.
I think you can choose between "Split series" and "Split chart".

As you wanna have multiple lines you choose "Split series". In the configuration you configure a terms aggregation over the field.

BTW: If you use a Lens visualization that is much easier for you. With Lens you just Drag & Drop your fields and your visualization is done.

Hi @Felix_Roessel

Indeed your solution works, but especially thank you for telling me about Lens that I did not know and that is really very useful

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