Data migration from cluster A to cluster B


I'm trying to migrate all my data from cluster A to cluster B. I'm using Filebeat, Elastic and Kibana version 7.5.

Currently, I made some snapshots in a shared repository from cluster A, and restored it in my cluster B. It seems to work fine, but I had to deselect indexes .kibana and .kibana_task_manager when restoring the snapshot. I'm not sure why, and I would like to understand it.

Now, I'm wondering how I could get the missing data added in my cluster A after the snapshot, in ordre to have everything I need in my cluster B.

I found in the doc that Filebeat can only have one output. So I guess it's not possible to have an output to my cluster A and to my cluster B ?

What would be the proper way to do that ? Is it possible to migrate everything without having any downtime ?

Thanks for your help.

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