Data Table creation with Filters


I am new user in Kibana. I wanted to create a data-table with almost 7 or 8 columns and 5000+ rows of data. I need to apply few filters as well on that data. Is it possible to create this kind of visualization in kibana like how we can populate in excel?

When I try to apply filters , the data that populating is not accurate. Suggest me way to create a big data table with filters.


The data table is not fit for large number of rows like you want. It's meant for aggregated data.
The closest thing to what you want is the Discover page where you can add fields from the left panel as columns in the discover page and basically make a table. And filters go in the search bar at the top.

Hi Marius,

Thanks for the reply. There are duplicate values in a field and I want to perform unique count on that. If i do on discover , How can i do the unique count?


Can i add unique count or cardinality in the query statement which i can add in search bar?

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You can add a saved search on the dashboard to show the data table and all the fields and a visualization, like a metric that shows the unique count next to it.