Data Volume

on the open source version,
How much data does Elastic stack handle?
Can I import a pipe delimited data in Kibana?
What is the max volume size of data that I can import in Kibana?

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The various versions we release are in no way limited in the amount of data they can handle. The Open Source will handle as much as the Basic (or higher). How much data it can handle will depend on the resources you give the cluster.

You can import pipe delimited data if you want.

I have got the 30day trial Basic Version. Under Advanced Settings, when I try to set the File Data Visualizer maximum file upload size, I am getting "Unable to update UI Settings. Request failed with status code : 500". Is there a limit of 100MB for importing data?

I'm not sure what the limit is, do your Kibana logs show anything?

Basic is free forever. You can upgrade to a 30 day Platinum license though.

What is the File Data Visualizer maximum file upload size under platinum license?

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