Dataview with some columns excluded

Hi community,

I want to create a data view of an index without some columns. The background is that these columns lead to the display of 'no results' with certain filters. I only have this one index and I don't have the option to change it to or create a new one.

How can I get such a 'reduced' dataview?

Hi @joerg55

Deleting or removing fields in a data view is not supported they are dynamically created.

My question is what visualization are you using? Typically you can remove fields from tables or discover etc. And only show the fields you want.

Can you show us what you're trying to do? And Perhaps we can help.

hi @stephenb,

that's really difficult for me to explain. I have 2 dashboards with charts which have all the same index. One drilldown of dashboard 1 leads to dashboard 2. Now in dashboard 2 some charts show 'no result' because of the filter set by the drilldown. But these charts dont't need the filtered column. That's why I want to get a dataview without these columns.

Yes apologies I don't understand Exactly Which Visualization... I do not believe Kibana has visualizations with Dynamic Columns... you pick columns / fields or don't pick columns....

If you removed fields from a Data View how would that help if the field needs to be there sometimes and other times not? Not sure what you mean

But in short, can not fields from a data view

Perhaps you could create a filtered Alias and then create another data view

So I could use differnt dataviews for different charts. But in the backgroung is always the same index.

Perhaps you could create a filtered Alias and then create another data view

I think that is what I try to do. But how?

Why Not the Same Data View with Different Columns?

What VIZ are you using... Not Kibana? Vega? D3? something else? Kibana Vizs are not Dynamic...

I use elastic stack 8.6.2 and kibana lens charts.

the problem is that the the filter of the drilldown affects the entire data view of dashboard 2, even if I only take a few columns for a chart. . The filtered rows are missing...

I think hope Ignore Global Filter is coming soon...

I still don't see how a different data view will help... the data will still not exist... but I will just say OK. :slight_smile:

first of all, thank you very much for your help.

Let me try it once more again (sorry it's difficult for me, because my english is not the best)

So if I set 'courier:ignoreFilterIfFieldNotInIndex' and I had a second dataview where the filtered column is missing than my chart would be shown

No worries about the English... I only speak 1 language!

Here is the issue that would support your use case

'courier:ignoreFilterIfFieldNotInIndex' I am not familiar with that / usage.

I think your best bet may be to try the filtered alias ... although I am not sure that will work or not.

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