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i have an already existing Dashboard with personal information for a small user group. Now a new user group also needs some of that information, but should only see their part. The data comes from a logstash pipeline executed once a month, creating a new index. All indices are grouped with a data view for the Dashboard.

I was thinking: Do i need to seperate it all the way to make sure the new users only see their part? So create a new logstash pipeline fetching only the fields they should see and creating seperate indices. Or is it possible to reuse the already existing indices?
I was trying to create a new data view based on the existing indices and add field filters for the fields they should not see:

But the field is still present in the add filters dropdown:

And even though there is no visualisation containing the field, setting a filter would still give information about it.

So is there a way to completely exclude fields with a data view? Why is there even a filter fields functionallity if it is not consequent?

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The data view level is not sufficient for security, it's a tool for improving performance - the user can work around this quite easily (as the query is built in the browser).

Check out Field level security | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic and Document level security | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic for fine grained access rules which can't be circumvented.

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