Date range missing in discover section of kibana


when I select my index, date range part(near refresh button) gets removed from the display and I only see KQL search field.
stack version 7.17.3

Hi @Tukaram

This typically means that the index pattern does not have a Time Field associated with it, therefore no time range can be set.

You may need to re-create the index pattern correctly and pick the correct field to use for the time field then date range / time picker should show in Discover

is there any rest api to add existing date field from document as date range?

Perhaps take a look at this, but for some reason, I thought the Time Field had to be set at creation time... try it.

Kibana API make sure to look at this to make sure you use the REST API Correctly

thanks a lot, I added a scripted date field. Anyway I can set that for date range purpose?

I would have created a runtime field not scripted and added it to the actual mapping.
Then I think you can use it in the index pattern

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