Date Table Click Event


I have Data Table with me. I want to open image file on click event of any row of data table.

I know as of now drill down to particular data is possible, But instead of drilling down data i want my image file to pop up on click of any row of data table.

Please let me know whether it is possible or not?


If you have a field in your data from white a URL to the image can be derived, you can configure Kibana to format that field as an image


The Image type can be used to specify an image directory where a specified image is located.
You can customize either type of URL field formats with templates. A URL template enables you to add specific values to a partial URL. Use the string {{value}} to add the contents of the field to a fixed URL.


I want any external Image file to open up.

Is it possible to configure something in Data table row click ?
Can i get event anywhere?

There's no way to configure a custom click handler that would invoke inline actions. The only thing close to that is the possibility of formatting a field as a URL, which would just provide a plain link that opens up a new window when you click on it.

Thanks @tsullivan.

Hello @tsullivan,

Can we stop click on any chart.

Like for filtering the chart we click on the chart so that filter works. Can we stop that click event?

Hi Varun,
No, sorry that is not possible. I'm curious though, can you let me know why you're interested in that feature?


Actully we are implementing web page, which only shows kibana result.

We dont want user to interact with the generated chart.

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