Date visualization error

I have multiple date field in RDMS data. I have downloaded it in csv format for every month. I have converted string field into date using mutate. When I try it create visualization in kibana, the date field only shows the data of jan 2019.
I have data from jan 1 2019 to dec 25 2019 in csv in multiple files.
Total records is 24 lakhs
In kibana, all datas (24 lakhs) are shown in jan month only.

string is 12-Dec-19

date {
match => ["ENTER_DATE", "DD-MMM-YY"]
target => "ENTER_DATE"
match => ["UPDATE_TIME", "DD-MMM-YY"]
target => "UPDATE_TIME"
match => ["SEND_DATE", "DD-MMM-YY"]
target => "SEND_DATE"

String is converted to date in kibana successfully but the data of dec month is override with jan month.


I am a bit confused. What does your date fields show in Discover? Are they showing values for all the months you expect?

Also what is the mapping of this field in Elasticsearch? Can you query the values directly and ES and check if they have correct values for month?


There was problem while creating index. It is solved it. Thanks.

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