Dedicated Ingest Node ES

my environment betas -> logstash -> ES ( 1 node )
I am planning to use the filebeat module to do some parsing
betas -> ES( 1node )
I am handling about max 1.5 TB(MAX) of logs with 10 diff index created on a daily basis
with 32 gig ram and JVM has 16 gig.
Also running heavy query on daily basis

  1. Do i need a separate ingest node
  2. If so can I put separate Ingset node to get data from filebeat and send it to my main ES node where i do searching and storing (data node )
  3. I have read that ES ingest node cannot handle data as good as logstash ?
    when there is a log bust can ES ingest node handle it same as logstash
  4. IS this possible
    Filebeat --> Ingest node -> main ES node
    do i have join the two nodes into a cluster if so how do i handle split brain
    or else use as a data path without adding into cluster is it a good practice ?

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