Dedicated X-Pack Monitoring Cluster Questions

What's the compatibility of X-Pack versions?

I want to split my X-Pack Basic monitoring from my production ES 5.4.x Cluster. If I spin up a dedicated X-Pack Monitoring Cluster as version ES 5.6.

  • Can the ES 5.4 Cluster send to X-Pack Monitoring Cluster as ES 5.6?
  • Can a send other ES Clusters (Dev, QA) to same X-Pack Monitoring Cluster as ES 5.6?

Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


this not ok, it recommend use the same version about x-pack and elasticsearch
the x-pack can install all env elasticsearch cluster and kibana use the license to base/gold...

  1. Should work.
  2. Won't work, that is a a Gold or above level feature.


I want to move the monitoring off before I update the Prod Cluster to v5.6. Good to know about the Gold support for multi-cluster.


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