Delete old .kibana index

I've the following indices on my currently v6.8 cluster.

GET _cat/indices?v&index=.kib*&h=index


GET /.kibana_8

  ".kibana_8" : {
    "aliases" : {
      ".kibana" : { }

The 7.0 Upgrade Assistant show the following critical issue with a suggestion to reindex:
.kibana-6 This index was created using version: 5.6.9

Since it appears that Kibana is actually using the .kibana_8 index, can I delete .kibana-6 instead of reindexing it as suggested?

@rubpa in the current kibana version you are on, and according to the provided info, it looks like .kibana index is pointing to .kibana_8. In that way, yes, you can just delete .kibana-6

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