Kibana indexes

I'm trying figure out how backup kibana config.

My first aproach is make a dump of kibana index but...

I don't have a .kibana index. Instead I have..

  • .kibana_1
  • .kibana_2
  • .kibana_task_manager_1

Besides, although I can't see any index called .kibana, If I ask to elasticsearch for a index called like this, I get it.

With GET /_cat/aliases I see .kibana is a alias of .kibana_2

Why is that?
(Is it because the upgrades?)

What are this indexes?
( Same than above)

Can I consolidate these indexes in one .kibana?


  1. delete .kibana alias
  2. reindex .kibana_2 to .kibana
  3. delete .kibana_1 (since I think is not in use)
  4. delete .kibana_task_manager alias
  5. reindex .kibana_task_manager_1 to .kibana_task_manager

I'm running a cluster with elasticsearch + kibana 7.6.1 that has been upgraded from 6.6.8 <- 6.6.0 <- 5.4.x <- 2.2.0


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