Deleted deployment is still visible under UI/Deployments

(Agnes) #1

I've deleted an deployment with help of UI. But the deleted deployment remains in UI.
Changing into the deployment shows " Deployment not found. [Go back to deployments]."

MouseOver-Info is "This deployment is terminated and its data has been deleted"

How can I go rid of this deleted Deployments in UI?


(Alex Piggott) #2

Note we normally see this happen when the admiconsole cluster is overloaded/under-sized, or if the ZK (director) role is under heavy load - so you should check the overall health of your ECE deployment

To fix the problem you mention, from the API console of the "adminconsole cluster", do DELETE on the URL v1-elasticsearch-clusters-ece-region/CLUSTERID for the cluster id

We're working on a fix for this

(Agnes) #3

I can't find the proper syntax for API console DELETE Input

This is the my URL:

Which part of it is accepted by API for "v1-elasticsearch-clusters-ece-region/CLUSTERID"?


(Alex Piggott) #4

(sorry ignore this - misread the context, will reply below)

(Alex Piggott) #5

First navigate to the console page for the adminconsole cluster (not the cluster you want to delete), so visit (eg if its id is ADMINCONSOLEID)

That page has a dropdown with the HTTP method (so set that to DELETE) and a text box for the URL. You're just issuing an ES delete command

So (apologies I now realize I missed a bit): the text box should read v1-elasticsearch-clusters-ece-region/elasticsearch-cluster/CLUSTERID

(Agnes) #6

Thank you for answering my question, but I made this before, means I've opened the page with DELETE opening a text box.
Here starts the "problem":

Which part of "" in combination with "v1-elasticsearch-clusters-ece-region/elasticsearch-cluster/" should I put into the text box?


(Alex Piggott) #7

Apologies for the confusion .. put it in the text box that currently says /_search (ie the URL bar), not the JSON box which you should leave empty


(Agnes) #8

Thank you - success! :upside_down_face: