Deleted deployment is still visible under UI/Deployments

I've deleted an deployment with help of UI. But the deleted deployment remains in UI.
Changing into the deployment shows " Deployment not found. [Go back to deployments]."

MouseOver-Info is "This deployment is terminated and its data has been deleted"

How can I go rid of this deleted Deployments in UI?


Note we normally see this happen when the admiconsole cluster is overloaded/under-sized, or if the ZK (director) role is under heavy load - so you should check the overall health of your ECE deployment

To fix the problem you mention, from the API console of the "adminconsole cluster", do DELETE on the URL v1-elasticsearch-clusters-ece-region/CLUSTERID for the cluster id

We're working on a fix for this

I can't find the proper syntax for API console DELETE Input

This is the my URL:

Which part of it is accepted by API for "v1-elasticsearch-clusters-ece-region/CLUSTERID"?


(sorry ignore this - misread the context, will reply below)

First navigate to the console page for the adminconsole cluster (not the cluster you want to delete), so visit (eg if its id is ADMINCONSOLEID)

That page has a dropdown with the HTTP method (so set that to DELETE) and a text box for the URL. You're just issuing an ES delete command

So (apologies I now realize I missed a bit): the text box should read v1-elasticsearch-clusters-ece-region/elasticsearch-cluster/CLUSTERID

Thank you for answering my question, but I made this before, means I've opened the page with DELETE opening a text box.
Here starts the "problem":

Which part of "" in combination with "v1-elasticsearch-clusters-ece-region/elasticsearch-cluster/" should I put into the text box?


Apologies for the confusion .. put it in the text box that currently says /_search (ie the URL bar), not the JSON box which you should leave empty


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Thank you - success! :upside_down_face:

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