Deploy Elasticsearch in live

Hi all,

I use ElasticSearch locally on my PC as a search engine in a content website developed
with the Django framework.

I would like your opinion on the choice of a host offers production, ideally a
scalable offering.

I consulted the offers of DigitalOcean, Amazon EC2, OVH (OVH VPC, runAbove
Amazon EC2 offers a free initial first year but I do not know if this offer is
suitable for my application.
The first offers DigitalOcean is $ 5 / month, but the memory is only 512 MB.
I just received an email and find out that it was now possible to deploy
ElasticSearch Google Compute Engine.

And what would be the impact on this configuration in live if I planned to
use as Logstash and Kibana.

Thank you in advance for your host offers advice in live.

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