Derivation in Canvas data preview

I want to display the network traffic of one system on a canvas page, with the raw data coming from metricbeat.
I have set up a line chart element with a timelion source like this:


This results in a 500 server error however for the data preview (Kibana 6.8).
The chart itself displays fine, but I think the data preview box is broken?

Hey @BennyInc -

I just tried reproducing this in 6.8 and 7.0, but didn't have any luck. In my case I use the sample web logs data that ships with Kibana. This is what my timelion query looks like:


The chart renders for me as expected, and clicking Data Preview also shows the popup with the data table as expected.

Could you provide more details around the error message you are getting, or a screenshot? Does it just say 500?

The exact message is this:

Expression failed with the message:

[timelion] > Request failed with status code 500

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