Different Machines not getting the same number of documents


I've Kibana and Elaseticsearch on the same server, I've only one node for Elasticsearch
everything is working fine
but on some machines Kibana is not getting the same number of documents, I've double checked that im not doing any filtration and I'm using the same time scoop Last 15 min but some machines fetching 3001 document and the other only fetch 125 document for the last 15 min

any idea where is the problem?

What do you mean by fetching?
What does the output of _cat/nodes and _cat/indices look like?

Hello Waklom,

thanks for your respond I meant to say that whenever I access the discover tab only 125 documents loaded meanwhile there is 3001 document I've figured out that it because of the different time zone for each machine once I've fixed the time zone it worked well

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