Digest Email for specific categories

Is it possible to set specific categories for which I can get a daily digest email ?
I went to my preferences and activated the "When I don't visit here, send an email digest of what's new: daily" checkbox.
Do I know get a daily digest email for new posts in all categories ? Can I specify to get it only for some categories and not for others?

How does this setting relate to the notifcations settings in the categories/posts ("Regular", "Watching", "Tracking", "Muted") ?

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Hi Umit,

I believe this article from the Discourse team will be of help to you. If that does not solve your problem, just reply back to this thread and we'll hunt down more information.


I have an issue with this as well. Currently I have these settings: http://monosnap.com/image/ynJmrZgT8LNiJWlvNbInKGMW1mOijD.png

However, I do not get digest emails as I asked for, instead I get every post mailed to me directly. On the old mailing list (google groups) I configured to get a daily email with the topics discussed that day for Elasticsearch, how would I need to configure discuss to work the same?

I tried multiple things;

  1. tracking instead of watching: no emails at all
  2. watching: email per post instead of a digest, although having "When I don't visit here, send an email digest of what's new" set to daily
  3. Do not suppress email notification when I am active on the site

But nothing of any combination I tried resulting in receiving daily digests. Any ideas on how to proceed?

-- Nils

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I have the same problem and the same settings in my preferences but it is not working. This is very annoying and at least for me a step back compared with the google groups.