Disable search function in Kibana dashboard and visualisation

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we activated X-Pack for our Elasticsearch and Kibana and created different users, roles and spaces. That works great.
However, we would like to disable the search for specific users, roles or spaces. Is that possible? So far I've only found tricks via CSS, but unfortunately that's not enough for us.

Reason: There is an attribute in our logs that we don't want to show to some users. We can set up visualizations and dashboards so that this attribute is not visible. But they can still find and view this via the search function.

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Perhaps you should look at document level security and field level security.

These are commercial paid for features but you can trial them to see if they work for you.

You can set up roles that will not ever be able to even access the documents and / or fields that you don't want them to. These role can tied to users in spaces.

Document level security

Field Level Security


Hi @stephenb,

thanks for your quick reply. The field level security sounds very good. At the moment we are using the free standard version. Are there publicly visible prices or do I have to make an inquiry via Offizielle Preisinformationen zu Elasticsearch: Elastic Cloud, verwaltetes Elasticsearch | Elastic ? The problem is that I can't find any prices anywhere and I can't figure out which model we would then need.

Here is Elastic Cloud Pricing


For self managed licenses you need to inquire.

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