Discover: How to show last occurrence?


[edit] my ELK version: 7.8.0
I am able to get the last occurrence of my data in the console as following:

However, when i copy the code to Discover, it return 5 results:

May i know how do i get Discover to display only the last occurrence result?


In your console you're searching a single index. is your used index pattern identical to t_cust_reg so it doesn't search more indices? If so could you share the request sent to Elasticsearch, you can use the Inspect menu entry of the toolbar for that.

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So you're trying add a filter with aggregate data here, this is not possible in Discover. This is a good case for using e.g. TSVB

Thx to @Marta_Bondyra, who took a closer look than I did!

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Thanks Matthias. Will try TSVB.

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