Discover - Saving one search affects other saved searches

[Elastic Stack 7.3]

Attempting to discover data in different time horizons, and save separately, but values across the different views are showing the same data.

Example: Trying to save two separate searches, which displays log messages according to a timestamp.

The first spans hours:
from Sep 01, 2019 08:00:00.000 to Sep 01 2019 17:30:00.000.
I save this as "Hours View"

The second spans minutes:
from Sep 01, 2019 10:00:00.000 to Sep 01 2019 10:30:00.000.
I save this as "Minutes View"

Both are added to a dashboard.

When opened, the "Hours View" now displays the "Minutes View." They both display the same data?! I saved them as a different name... why?

I did toggle the "Save as a new search" slider to positive.

Why are these separately saved views displaying the same data? Thx, Keith :^)

Hi @kmiklas,

Can you provide some screen grabs of the filters you have set for each saved search? I have attached an example of the area on the screen I'm looking for.

When you return from the dashboard to each saved search, does each saved search then display the proper data?

Let me know,

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