Discover tab in Kibana not showing any data

Data CSS is not getting rendered properly.
Checked the console -> div element with class 'Vislib-chart' not getting rendered properly.

What can be the reason?

ELK stack version : 6.5.3

what does the kibana logs say ? any screenshot here? more info, gifs, logs, reproduction steps would help.


Kibana logs displays multiple lines of : "error":{"message":"socket hang up"}

It is weird since Kibana only displays such logs when Elasticsearch isn't running. However all my elastic nodes are up and running and Kibana is running just fine. It's just the dashboards aren't displaying.

PS: Metricbeat dashboards are loading perfectly. Indices data from Filebeat are not rendered at all in the dashboards.

Also I can't post screenshots from my workstation since the data is restricted. Just to give you a brief idea :

The discover tab as shown in the picture is not rendering any graphical representations in my dashboards.

This issue has been resolved. We were changing the Kibana logo at the top left corner which somehow altered our main styles css. We have corrected this and our dashboards are loading normally.

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