Discovery in gov-cloud?

(dan ginsberg) #1

Looking in elasticsearch-cloud-aws, it seems that discovery can't happen in gov-cloud. Is there an upstream version of the plugin that includes gov-cloud endpoints or is there another workaround? Going with a hacked version for now but...

(David Pilato) #2

Will be supported with

In the meantime you can provide the endpoint you want IIRC.

(dan ginsberg) #3

Good to know, thank you!

You can indeed set an endpoint, but I'd have to templatize gov cloud configs differently than non-gov cloud ( because the config variable name is different ). Plus wasn't sure if I'd later need to change the config ( e.g., if at some point the though might be gov-cloud is strictly part of ec2 so disallow from the compliant but non-ec2 group ). So it is an option but one I had hoped to avoid.

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