Display concurrency data on Kibana 5

Hi Friends,

I have time series index which contains start data and duration for each event. I want to plot a graph to show the missing time duration for a particular day / week etc. What is the best way and which graph to choose. Thanks very much.

Hi there, I'm not quite sure I follow. What kind of data do you have for each event? "start_date" and "duration"?

And what do you mean by the "missing time duration"? How does this tie back to the data stored for each event?


Hi CJ,

Thanks for the reply, to explain clearly it is regarding a channel data for TV program. For each channel, we have events (program) for the day with start time of the program and duration of the program. Basically for each channel it should have the entire day covered with events. How can I visualize if any channel is not having programs during certain period of the day.
Here is my data template:
"template": "getevents-*",
"mappings" : {
"default" : {
"properties" : {
"channelId" : { "type" : "integer" },
"epgEventImage" : {"type": "string", "index" : "not_analyzed" },
"programmeTitle" : {"type": "string", "index" : "not_analyzed" },
"displayDurationSec" : { "type" : "long" },
"displayDateTime" : { "type" : "date" }

Sample data: {"channelId":"1","epgEventImage":"xxx","programmeTitle":"The Town","displayDurationSec":"7200","displayDateTime":"2017-04-12T00:20:00.000Z",}

Please assist me. thanks for your help

I need to visualize the data something like this. Any inputs please how this can be done

I'm sorry, I don't think you can do this with Kibana. Kibana visualizes aggregations of individual events. The visualization you're trying to do would require some kind of post-processing, in which you extract range data from each event of a specific type, and then plot that on a chart. As far as I know, Kibana doesn't support this yet.


Thanks CJ for your valuable inputs.

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