Display numbers or show legend in Maps

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I created a "World Countries" map using a EMS boundaries layer. I'm using two letter country codes with a simple join "Join World Countries:iso2 with abc-threat-*:country.keyword".

My question: How do I display a number for each country directly on the map (so there's no need to check the tooltip for every single country? I'd like to place the numbers on top of the countries, but a legend beside the map would also do ...

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Hi Markus,

Unfortunately at this moment labels are only available for point geometries, we have already captured this request on this issue, feel free to provide more feedback there if you feel appropriate.

Still, the metric should be available in the layer legend.

Maybe you are expecting the ramp to be split in classes like in the old region map? That is a feature in development and you can track its status here.

Thanks! At least it wasn't me looking in the wrong places :wink:

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