Display of various reports ready for download

Hello there,
I generated a number of reports a week ago.
X-Pack is writing at the top of the screen that:
"Your report for the .... dashboard is ready! Pick it up from Management-> Kibana-> Reporting".

After downloading these reports, I still get very frequent reminders every few seconds that they are available to download. Is there a way to disable these reminders?

You should only ever see 1 notification per report, and it should show them in groups. If you are not using Security, and other people are generating reports, I believe you'll see the notifications from those other users' reports. In fact, everyone will.

If it's just a weird bug, you can try deleting the xpack.reporting.jobCompletionLastCheckedOn key in your localstorage, that'll reset the check time and only notify you about new reports in the future.

Thanks for your reply Joe.
I have 5 different reports, and get all notifications grouped per report so I have 5 notifications in banner in header which is as you say. After I click okay to remove the notifications they reappear in a few seconds. If I delete the 'xpack.reporting.jobCompletionLastCheckOn' from my localStorage it reappears in localStorage again in a few seconds along with another set of notifications.
I might be missing something but there doesn't appear away to remove these notifications.

it reappears in localStorage again in a few seconds along with another set of notifications.

Sorry, I thought it would only check for new reports from the first time it ran. The value coming back into localstorage is normal, it's checking for new reports every 5 seconds I think.

The way this works is it sends the "last checked" time in the request, and the server looks for any new reports since the last time it checked. If it find some, then you see the notifications.

Is there a discrepancy between the timezone in your browser and the server that is running Kibana? It's checking the report completion time, which is created by the Kibana server, so if it thinks it finished at, for example, 1pm, but the checker script is saying that it's 11am, it'll keep reporting that report from 1pm, until the browser time catches up. Hopefully that made sense... anyway, can you check to see what time the Kibana server thinks it is? And while you're at it, if Elasticsearch is on a different server, can you check that time as well? And then compare that to the time your computer, the one you're running the web browser on, thinks it is? Pay attention to the timezones too.

Thanks for the explanation Joe.
The value from localStorage currently is:
xpack.reporting.jobCompletionLastCheckedOn : 2017-06-19T13:26:50.032Z

My machine -- which is running Kibana in browser -- is running on Brittish Summer Time (BST) which is GMT + 1:
[jlee@iel-jlee-lt1 src]$ date
Sat 24 Jun 10:01:22 BST 2017

For demo purposes, both kibana and elastic-search are running on the same host, which is running on Irish Summer Time (IST) which also is GMT + 1.

[tango@iel-dev-tfsr-vm2 09:43:42 ~]$ date
Sat 24 Jun 10:01:54 IST 2017

From the dates, you can see there is a little clock skew. The timezones are the same but the names are different (perhaps for historical/ political reasons ... I don't know):

Can't seem to update the xpack.reporting.jobCompletionLastCheckedOn to say today's date or get reporting to understand that say the report has been checked?

xpack.reporting.jobCompletionLastCheckedOn : 2017-06-19T13:26:50.032Z

So that should be the the UTC time when you checked it, more or less (within the polling interval, which again, I think is 5 seconds). So that's what's going on. Your computer is Jun-19, but the server is Jun-24. My guess is that the jobCompletionLastCheckedOn value simply isn't updating, since it was Jun-24 when you posted this.

I don't know why it's not being updated though. When you clear that value in localstorage, do you get a new date? And if you let it sit for a while and check it again, is it updating? Note that you might have to close and re-open the developer tools if you're using Chrome, it doesn't seem to update the localstorage values correctly, or at least I've had an issue with that lately.

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