Display selected drop down value in markdown in Canvas

In a canvas, we have a drop down filter and a Markdown. How do I display the selected value from drop down control in Markdown? Basically I have some text in the markdown and want to include the selected value from the drop down as part of the text in Markdown

Here's an example for you:

dropdownControl valueColumn="state" filterColumn="state"
| demodata
| markdown {getCell "state"} 
  font={font family="'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif" size=48 align="center" color="#444444" weight="normal" underline=false italic=false}
| render
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Thanks Larry_Gregory. It works. I have replaced the demodata with the query that I used to load the dropdowncontrol

Hi Larry_Gregory, It seem to work when a value is selected in the dropdown filter. But when nothing is selected in the dropdown filter markdown still prints the top row of the index instead not printing anything. When nothing is selected in the dropdown I don't want anything to be printed in markdown

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